Driving learning in a National Automotive Company

Siyandza’s cloud-based custom-made learning management system (LMS), the Evolution Learning Platform (ELP) enables learning from anywhere at anytime. The responsive solution allow users to access training from any device such as a PC, laptop, tablet or compatible smartphones.

The solution has been deployed to cater for staff / users across multiple dealerships / locations to complete training, assessments and quizzes online, with none to minimal classroom intervention. The purpose was to reach staff that could not be taken off the salesroom floor or moved from their core workplace to attend classroom training.

The LMS has a storage solution that can enable content to be pulled locally from the designated location. The platform has a custom-made classroom booking capability, assessment component, curriculum functionality, communications capability that allow notifications to notify Dealer Principals and Sales staff when training is available, a course section split into categories such as Completed, In Progress and Not Yet Completed training modules, a fully custom-built pre-requisite capability for courses to be accessed upon specific timelines and completion. The solution has a dynamic profile management capability where administrators can manage roles and profiling across all departments and designations. The solution has a custom-made enrolment rule component that allow administrative users to set rules based on new and existing users to be automatically enrolled to courses. The LMS is also designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for user and administrator roles to navigate with ease.

The Evolution Learning Platform helped to improve dealerships as staff could complete product and refresher training at their own pace and complete on the job training.

The automotive company has seen a significant impact in cost reduction with training and minimal travelling especially during the critical Covid period which limited in-person contact was allowed. In addition, completing online training reduced the hours spent in a classroom environment allowing more time for staff on the floor to sell cars. The blended learning capability allows the execution for both online and classroom learning methodologies.

Siyandza’s solution where content can be pulled locally had a great impact at dealership level especially where there are poor bandwidth challenges. The overall responsive solution has a positive impact on staff as training is accessible anywhere. Anytime, making learning fun.

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