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Become a Siyandza Entrepreneur and offer our LMS and e-learning materials to your clients.

Get access to preferential pricing, market-leading e-learning solutions, training, incentives and more. Register to become a Siyandza Entrepreneur today.



Siyandza's LMS connects the best solutions and technology together into a single learning platform. Our platform is suitable for any organisation, whether they require a basic online system or a customised platform integrated with multiple systems. Siyandza's Evolution Learning Platform meets many different requirements.



Identifies potential customers who want to invest in e-learning.


Understands their requirements and works with Siyandza to customise our LMS.


Ensures effective implementation and ongoing use and growth.

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1. What is the Entrepreneur programme?

Siyandza accredits skilled learning and development practitioners and companies to on-sell our learning management system, the Evolution Learning Platform (ELP). This means that you are able to present our LMS and related services to prospective clients. If you successfully sell the ELP, you will earn a percentage of the license fees for the duration of the contract.

2. What is the Evolution Learning Platform?

The Evolution Enterprise Learning Platform is a fully integrated organisation learning management system (LMS) designed to bring learning strategies to life – aligning outcomes, competencies, courses, and assessments. The learning management system integrates with workflow and payroll systems, easily linking to core organisation processes. It is suitable for: • Companies • Organisations • Learning Institutes • Short Course Providers • Individuals It includes the following features: • Student Management • Learning Management • Comprehensive Assessment Capability • Talent Pool Management • CV Portal Management • Virtual Office • Curriculum Management • Communication Management • Comprehensive Reporting • Support Management • Ticketing System • E-Commerce

3. Why should I work with Siyandza?

Siyandza has 15 years’ experience in learning and development generally and 8 years’ experience in developing and deploying learning management systems. We develop digital learning materials, implement digital marketing campaigns linked to e-learning, conduct learning assessments and work with clients to develop and manage customised learning solutions. We are passionate about what we do and work with like-minded individuals in relationships of trust and mutual support.

4. What do I need to do to become an Entrepreneur?

Download the Reseller information sheet. Complete our expression of interest form online and then follow the instructions that are sent to you.

5. How much do I need to pay to become an Entrepreneur?

You don’t pay anything to become an Entrepreneur We consider our Entrepreneurs to be our business partners.

6. Do I get paid to be an Entrepreneur?

You don’t get paid to be an Entrepreneur. Siyandza will train you to use and sell the Evolution Learning Platform (ELP). When you have successfully sold the ELP to customers you will earn a success fee based on the model that Siyandza will share with you when you sign up to the Entrepreneur programme.

7. Do I get training and support when I become an Entrepreneur?

Siyandza will train you to use and sell the Evolution Learning Platform. We will provide you with marketing materials, pricing lists and access to a demo system. We will make presentations and conduct demos with you when you are a Level 1 Entrepreneur.

8. How long does the Entrepreneur training take to complete?

You will be required to attend a one day training session with Siyandza and to complete training online which will be self-paced.

9. What is included in the Entrepreneur training?

The Entrepreneur training programme will include: • Industry Information and Stats • Understanding LMS, LXP, LRS vs the ELP • Product Knowledge • Understanding Content Experience and Delivery • Product Specific Objection Handling • Introduction to Siyandza • Online Marketing • Selling the ELP

10. How much commission will I earn through the Entrepreneur programme?

The rand value of commission earnings will be based on your level of accreditation on the Entrepreneur programme and your volume of sales.

11. Would I need to travel to clients?

You may be required to travel to complete the sale or for first time negotiations, depending on your agreement with the client. Alternatively, you may be accompanied by a Siyandza staff member and thereafter Siyandza will manage the relationship.

12. Would I need to pay for the travelling costs?

You need to cover your own costs when you are part of the Reseller programme. You earn commission once Siyandza has successfully contracted with clients you have introduced to us. In exceptional circumstances, Siyandza may consider covering travelling costs.

13. Do I need to interact with the client after sign-off?

Depending on your level of accreditation on the Reseller programme, you may continue to engage with the client. In most cases, Siyandza will manage the contract going forward.

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