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Experience seamless learning with our offline access features, allowing you to access all the content and resources of our learning management platform without a continuous internet connection.
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Many organisations are looking for ways to optimise their online learning experiences, especially in light of the ongoing power supply challenges. That's why we're excited to introduce a new feature for our learning management system (LMS) that offers remote use and offline capability.


With this new feature, organisations can now access the full range of our LMS functionality, even if they don't have a reliable internet connection. This means that students and employees can continue to learn even if they're in a location with poor connectivity, such as a remote or rural area. It also means that learners can take advantage of our LMS tools during long commutes or flights, making learning more convenient and flexible. Now, your learning journey can continue anytime, anywhere, without worrying about data costs or connectivity issues.


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But the benefits of our remote and offline-capable LMS go beyond just convenience and accessibility. With this feature, organisations can also save money by reducing their reliance on traditional classroom-based training, which can be costly and time-consuming. Instead, employees can access training materials from anywhere, at any time, which can lead to faster, more efficient learning.

Our offline capability includes the following features:


A mobile app that enables you to download modules and assessments when you have connectivity, complete them offline, and have your results sync’ed back to the LMS when you are connected once again.


Locally Installed Content Servers that allow you to provide a reliable solution for storing large amounts of learning content that is accessed on-premises through your local network, reducing the volume of bandwidth/data used by users. This means that you don't have to rely on cloud-based storage, which can be slow and unreliable in a remote area or for users with limited data.


For even greater mobility and offline access, we offer completely offline portable devices. They are small and portable devices onto which facilitators can load training content and take the learning management system to the learners. It's perfect for remote areas with no internet connectivity, such as mining sites and rural locations. It is encrypted to ensure all data is secure and can connect up to 50 users to one device, making it ideal for group training sessions.

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