Data efficiency in the Retail Industry

Siyandza’s (LMS), the Evolution Learning Platform (ELP) enables students / candidates / learners to complete learning modules, assessments and assignments online. Learners can access all learning modules remotely without the need of a facilitator or live training session. Siyandza offers a responsive solution that allow users to access training on tablets or compatible mobile devices that can be utilised in the field while completing assessments, assignments and modules offline.

The offline capability has been deployed to reach learners / candidates across all suburbs, cities and provinces where there is poor to no connectivity.

The Evolution Learning Platform’s (ELP) capability is assisting a retail industry partner to upskill unemployed youth and facilitate job readiness. The ELP offers interactive modules, including videos, quizzes, assessments with a variety of question types, assignments, curriculum programmes which are time based, and can be accessed using a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. New articles, including pre-reading materials are accessible on the platform. Learners can complete pre and post assessments offline where results are sent back to the cloud. The web version solution is accessible where there is connectivity for administrative users.

The ELP has a significant impact on unemployed youth in some of the rural areas. Students can access learning modules at any time and learn at their own pace.

An additional hardware solution has been deployed to a specific training venue where learners can pull content locally. Facilitators are now able to use the platform to prepare lesson plans and deliver interactive and engaging lessons during classroom sessions. It has also enabled facilitators to track the progress of their students and identify areas where they need extra help.

In conclusion, Siyandza’s LMS has contributed to enabling learning opportunities for unemployed youth..Some of them do not have access to internet connectivity or funds to travel to different locations where training is available or scheduled. The virtual capability within the LMS platform has made it possible for youth to attend online training sessions / info days and could be located to attend work experience training in nearby locations. The full capability within the LMS tracks the learner’s journey or pathway from onboarding until they attend work experience and possible job placement within or outside the retail network.

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