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Optimise your learning and development content. We source, create, convert and develop on your behalf.
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Interactive digital content achieves maximum retention and results in improved workplace application. We pride ourselves on producing content which has the learning structure to please an educator and the visual appeal to delight an artist. E-learning content projects require an experienced team to manage and fulfil every component, which includes researching or sourcing, converting, planning, designing, graphics, animation and video, over and above managing a team and project.

We understand the importance of content creation, conversion and the delivery of e-learning content that is fit-for-purpose. Work with us to enhance and implement your online learning experience.

Siyandza provides a perfect blend of creativity and experience. Our skilled team of content writers, designers, quality assurers and project managers will handle every aspect of your e-learning project.


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Siyandza believes in learning which is designed with the learner in mind – outcomes focused, visually entertaining and compact – acknowledging that part of modern day learning takes place in the workplace, in transit, between appointments and over meals. The classroom is no longer the primary site of engagement.

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