Tailored Solutions

Work with us to design and develop your custom learning platform, gamification or content strategy


  • User Interfaces
  • Updated Functionality
  • Custom Reporting, Rules, Permisions and Databases
  • Gamification and Workflows
  • Evolution Enterprise Learning Platform

    Suitable For:

  • Organisations
  • Institutions
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Short Course Providers
  • Anyone, it's customised!

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    Improve the online search experience of your courses using of integrate SEO features.

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    User Experience

    On-boarding is an important part of the learning and development process, this is why we have incorporated a detailed FAQ’s framework to ensure all users can utilise and navigate through the platform effectively.

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    Dashboard Management

    User Experience

    The dashboard within the platform gives users and administrators specific views to access current courses, assessments, live lectures, course stats, latest courses and a calendar view.

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    Content Authoring

    Learning Delivery

    Using a robust content creator to generate dynamic segments of information across courses, assessments, news and manage documents within the platform.

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