Why should I consider e-learning for my organisation?
Online learning has been proven to improve retention rates by 25-60%, while at the same time requiring 40-60% less time to be spent on learning. It is an effective solution for ensuring that your staff are able to learn in their own time, at their own speed. Immediate tracking of assessment outcomes means that you always know the status of each person’s learning pathway. An effective training and development strategy which combines classroom training and online learning will deliver tangible results.
What products and services does Siyandza offer?
Siyandza is an edtech company, developing learner management systems and e-learning content, aimed at making learning accessible, fun and cost-effective. We can help you design learning solutions and digital marketing strategies. Click here to read more.
Where do I get access to e-learning materials?
Siyandza has a number of e-learning courses developed which are available to you. We can also quickly convert any training courses or operating manuals into digital materials. Siyandza works in partnership with international providers of online courses and can access a range of business skills course.
What support will I get from Siyandza?
We pride ourselves on offering focused support, customised to your needs. We offer online and telephonic support, as well as on-site support where one of our consultants will work with your team, in your offices.
What is Siyandza’s pricing model?
We have a licensing model for use of our Enterprise Learning Platform, which is based on user numbers – the more users on the system, the cheaper the per license cost. Please contact us for details on our license costs.

We will provide you with costing for the conversion of your training courses into e-learning materials. This is based on the length and complexity of the materials.
What forms of payment do you accept?
No credit card details are required to trial the ELP for 14 days.

When you’re ready to upgrade your account we accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, or bank transfers.
How does the 14 day trial work?
We give you access to the Evolution Learning Platform with all its features for 14 days. You will be able to add up to 5 users/learners and assign demo content to them designed by Siyandza. You may upgrade at any point during the trial.

If you try to login after the 14 day trial, we will prompt you to upgrade to one of the licencing plans.