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e-Learning and the ELP: Supporting Careers in the Retail Industry

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Siyandza has worked with a major retail industry player to develop a system for supporting skills development in the retail sector, from entry-level learners to graduates.

The Challenge:

The retail sector has a dearth of skills, at various levels. From entry level sales assistants, to mid-level buyers, planners and visual merchandisers, retail professionals are in short supply. More effective solutions for identifying market entrants with potential, as well as upgrading the skills of graduates, are required.

The Solution/Purpose:

Siyandza has designed a range of solutions which meet the requirements of our retail sector partner, at the level of both workplace entrants and graduates seeking a career in retail:

  • A customised learner management system which supports the online assessment of matriculants with limited work experience who want to be trained as sales assistants.
  • A virtual office which manages the assessment and selection of candidates, the assignment of approved candidates to classroom training and oversight of in-store work experience.
  • Interactive e-learning materials, which enable candidates to go through background materials prior to attending classroom training. This enables the facilitator to focus on project-based learning, rather than lecturing theory.
  • An assessment framework which can be customised according to course requirements, determining the parameters for passing and failing.
  • A newsroom which enables a range of articles and reports relevant to the sector to be uploaded on a regular basis.
  • A CV portal which stores the information of candidates who have successfully completed the courses and are available for placement within retail companies. This portal can be made accessible to other companies looking for talent which has been comprehensively trained and assessed.

The Results:

Over 15,000 entry level candidates have been registered on the learning platform and accessed assessments and courses, since the start of the project. Over a period of 18 months, 68 graduates have completed the specialised retail course, or are currently registered. All candidates who completed the first graduate programme found full-time employment.

Siyandza prides itself on building market leading enterprise learning platforms that are customised to meet our clients' particular requirements and are continuously enhanced to reflect changing market trends. Click here to setup your free demo.

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Article by Glenda White

Trained in curriculum design, finance and language, Glenda brings her unique mix of skills to the world of online learning. Passionate about creating growth opportunities for talented and committed people.

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